Knitted skirts and Bralets...

Hey guys,
As you might have noticed this is my 1st post on my blog,I'm very new to 'blogging' but I'm not new to fashion (LOL) ... As the days and posts go by, you would get to know about me and my style, my personal style to be specific.

My style tends to be a tad bit different, I wear what I feel suits my body as I am a size 2,but I play around a bit and have fun with my clothes.

This particular outfit I actually really love and I feel it can suit anybody with any size as long as you wear it well .

The knitted skirt is quite thick so appropriate for the weather right now in Nigeria as it's been raining off and on. I love how it's not full length and how it shows a bit of your legs from the ankle, it could actually be worn full length that way you aren't wearing it as a high waisted skirt or you can wear it as a high waisted skirt which I did and wear a bralet over it which just teases with a bit of my tummy showing here and there.

If you aren't the type to show your tummy, your arms or your back you can opt for something which covers up abit more like a tank top. I decided on stiletto heels because I love the look it gives me in them,but they can also be beautifully paired with block open toe heels.

I would make sure i am consistent with my blogging . Enjoy. xxx



 Outfit Details

Top : Asos

  Skirt : Asos

Bag: Zashadu

 |Shoe : Christian Louboutin

 Accessories : Fendi/ Saint laurent

Photography: @TundeMason

  Instagram @derinfromisaleeko


  1. Go Girl... Can't wait to see your next post!!

  2. Good Job! Still thinking about the black loafers!

  3. Yaay!!!! 💚💚

  4. Proud of you dear. Didn't I mention some time back that this is exactly what suits u, STYLE. Love it

    1. Lol. Thank you my darling.. I remember you always ringing it into my ears to style . 😘

  5. Love love and love the outfit. Off to Asos

  6. Yayy welcome. Cant wait to see more posts. You look rad girl💗


    1. 😬😬.. Thanks a lot!!! Il make sure I always bring it . Lol

  7. Yay! Love it! Nice blog Derin!

  8. Nice post! Love ur outfit. Keep it up!

  9. Absolutely GORGEOUS. Found you! @honiilols


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