Denim Mode

Hey guys,

Hope your weekend was better than mine? I was abit under the weather over the weekend but I'm much better now... Had such a nice relaxed weekend. 

This week I am  going with the vibe of my weekend, relaxed, comfy and playful.

Decided to look laid back but still fabulous 🙅🏾... You can never go wrong with white X Denim, it always comes out looking chic.

My white tee is from a store called 'Mode', they have amazing stuff, you can even customize your own tee with anything you want,everything is also produced and designed in Nigeria,how amazing is that!!! You guys should check them out. Also did you see what I did there with my 'Post Title '... 

This has to be my favorite denim shorts, you guys will literally have to beg me to stop wearing them after awhile LOL, I totally love them,they are so dark and I particularly love the baggy fit it gives me and did I mention that i love them more because they are ripped, okay enough with my obsession over my shorts.

By now you guys already know the love I have for 'Zashadu', she just gets me with her stuff,wish I could just have everything she makes, she's also Nigerian in case you didn't know.(Buy Nigerian)..

I have something in the oven I'm so excited about but won't let the cat out of the bag just yet. 
Hint: It has to do with my blogging.. Let's wait and see.

And of course I love to hear from you guys,let me know what you think about my outfit,leave a comment and ask questions and don't forget to follow me on Instagram.. Xx

Outfit Details 

Tshirt:  @itsjustmode
Shorts : @asos
Sandals : @zashadu
Belt     : Fendi 
Rings : Fendi/ saintlaurent 
Bracelets : Fendi/ Korol brand
Sunglasses: RayBan
Instagram: @derinfromisaleeko
Photography : @tundemason


  1. Anonymous10/20/2015

    I like this look , not everyday baff up !!! Lol
    Simple look and relaxed.

  2. A slap of White and Denim! Always a classic

  3. Love how easy and chic this look is! Just found your blog and i love your style.


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