Patterns X Silk

Hey Guys,
I hope you like my posts and look forward to them like I look forward to putting them up.

I am wearing a knee length silk dress from 'Zara', you guys won't believe how old this dress is, think I have had it over 3 years now but I hardly wear it,so decided to dust it and rock it for this post and I must say I love it so much,maybe now I would start rocking it often..

I particularly love the design at the top,makes it so dressy and accessories can be minimal or none atall cause it's quite busy and colorful.  

This outfit can be worn for dinner,cocktails or even just drinks night out with friends. It is so comfortable,light and so chic (if I do say so myself).

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Wearing purple shoes with the outfit cause I just feel its a good mix and to think I didn't try it on earlier I just put it together and it came out looking fabulous, but of course it would . LOL.. 

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Dress : Zara
Shoes: Christianlouboutin 
Bracelet: Fendi 
Rings: Fendi / saintlaurent 
Photography: @tundemason 
Instagram: @derinfromisaleeko


  1. Stunning! Chic! I absolutely love d dress. U killed it darling

  2. It is a beautiful dress and that design on top is really pretty.

  3. Anonymous11/05/2015

    Well I love this too. Your closet must be so fab . Don't mind raiding .see u soon

  4. You killed this look.lovely dress


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