Derin X DIY Ankara Shorts

So this past weekend was my birthday, had such an amazing unplanned day, if you follow my other blog on you would see all the details of how my day was, wore this extra pretty dress a designer now friend of mine made for me from my grandmothers old stash of aso Oke headtie, I would put a picture at the bottom of this post of the outfit.

You know when you are petite and have a hard time finding clothes that fit perfectly without the stress of having to have it ammended you tend to find other options like making a lot of my outfits, I honestly despise trying on clothes let alone ammending them, when I shop I have the super powers of just looking at the outfit and knowing if they would fit or not, you would hardly ever catch in a changing room, guess it becomes a skill when you buy and buy clothes LOL.

So I have been wanting to make Ankara shorts but something different not like the regular shorts and I thought why not just make them like guy boxers, slouchy and comfortable, I honestly didn't know they would come out so looking as amazing as they do.

Then I gave it a twist and threw in abit of leather at the sides just to stand out and OMG, they are so cute, you won't believe I used half a yard of fabric to make this, talk about looking fab on a budget, unfortunately I haven't had whereto rock to it to but I know it's Christmas in a minute so there would be one too many bbqs or house parties to wear this and all my other outfits to. Please feel free to invite me as well cause I can be very boring and end up staying indoors.

I am definitely going to give a very relaxed look by rocking my shorts with a tshirt definitely white like my  @itsjustmode tshirt here, how cool is my tshirt though? You have to remind them you were born and bred in Lagos incase they be forgetting LOL.

And asides from the fact that I love my Zashadu purses and rock them everyday, I actually rocked this bag cause it goes with my shorts and it's just a perfect fit by carrying it cross body, it just gives the casual relaxed vibe.

Brought out these Gucci block heels that I haven't worn since last year July if my memory is correct but I knew they were the shoes for the whole look, anyways I love this whole look, if you need me to hook you hook up with these shorts leave a comment and we would take it from there.

Hope you guys are subscribing to my blog by viewing in desktop and filling your email details at the top right corner, leave a comment if you are feeling my outfit and if I killed although I know I did though.Lol.

P.S This is my outfit from my birthday, hope you love it as much as I do, felt like a princess all day. Xx

Outfit Details ~
Tshirt ~ @itsjustmode
Shorts ~ Tailored to fit { available on request}
Shoes ~ Gucci
Purse ~ @zashadu
Accessories ~ Fendi / Saintlaurent 


  1. Love the shoes!! They look like they'd be perfect with every outfit.

  2. Thank you... They definitely would be as long as you know how to pair them 😘

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