Hi Guys,

Hope we are all fully rested from the weekend shenanigans and are fully into work or hustle mode!!! 
This past week was Lagos Fashion Week, I got to see tons of pictures as I wasn't available to attend till the last day on Saturday, it was much fun and OMG the designers they left me swooning at so many designs, I am so proud of my country and how far we have come.

I am wearing wide leg pants and a camisole for this post, such a laid back outfit but can definitely be worn out, sometimes you don't want to look too dressed up, but you definitely don't want to look out of place or under dressed, so it works for those kind of days.

These pants are so light and the lining isnt full length so it's transparent all the way down. The pants are over a year old, when I saw it on the rack in the store in Dubai I knew they had to be mine, even though I didn't wear them till a year after. Lol. Do you ever buy outfits and dress them up about 10 different ways in your head but you get home and never wear them? Story of my life.

My top is a plain camisole that just works perfectly with the pants, less is more they say. Oh did I mention how amazing the street style looks at Lagos Fashion Week were? Couldn't stop staring at amazing looks and how gorgeous so many people looked. 

I am not wearing accessories with this outfit well asides my pearls and my chains, so my neck wouldn't look too bare.. 

Wearing Vivienne Westwood rubber sandals to complete the look, I really like how relaxed this look is, and how the outfit that looks casual can be worn out and you would still look fabulous...

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You guys know I love to hear from you so please leave a comment and let me know what you think about my outfit.. Xx


Camisole : Topshop
Floral pants : Forever 21
Shoes : Vivienne Westwood


  1. I love your pants, yes I m with you on the Lfdw Street styles, love them.


  2. Love the pants.. I do that thing too where I style outfits in my head but never actually wear them. Lol


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