Golden Glow

So guys you might have noticed my post didn't go up on tuesday as it should have, decided to move my posts till thursdays cause of my other coloum with stylevitae, that post goes up on mondays and mine goes up on tuesdays  so decided to give some space between posts.

I honestly wish I had a lot of places to go so I could have a reason to wear all these cute outfits, but oh well... At least now I can wear them for you guys LOL. I was out this past weekend but I was so upset when I couldn't take pictures of the outfit i wore, but I am going to do better I promise, I actually put the outfit together thinking I would blog about it, when I couldn't I was so pissed cause I was like ugh I could have worn something else then, anyways moving on I bought this 'HOT' wide legs gold disco pants recently and hope you guys love it like I do.

Lol I just remembered my floral pants from 'Forever 21' that I blogged about a few weeks ago, I have a friend that actually hates the pants, he says I look like a grandma in them, I beg to differ I'm sure you guys don't agree with that also!! I think he's just jealous he can't rock them lol.

So these pants remind me of Kahlana Barfield, She's one of the very few people that wows me with her style, she just gets me.. The pants are abit dramatic so had to tone it down so I don't look like a clown, we wouldn't want that now would we? 

This black bodysuit i paired with the pants has to be one of my best buys, if it was up to me, I would wear it everyday with everything, you guys would now refer to me as the girl that wears that black bodysuit every time.

have never liked the idea of pointed heels with full length outfits, for me open toe heels work and look better, but that's just me. So I wore my patent black block heels with this outfit, and I nailed it . 

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P.S . I turn a year older this weekend, hopefully I get up to something. Lol. 

Outfit Details:
Bodysuit: Bershka
Pants : H & M
Shoes: Gucci
Instagram: @derinfromisaleeko

Photography: @tundemason


  1. Amazing. Love your outfit. That bodysuit compliments perfectly. I prefer bodysuit to just normal tops especially when styling flowy bottoms, just gives off some sorta Sexiness but it might just be me.

    1. Thanks so much Girllllllll... You get it 😘


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