LBD 3 Ways

  It's been a crazy week for me, how I'm even putting up this post I don't know, incase you guys come across some grammatical errors blame it on the fact that I'm doing ten things at once right now. Lol. Planning an event and it's been amazing at the same exhausting,no time for anything else.

I think I'm in the phase of recycling outfits and seeing different ways to rock a particular outfit, so I decided to try different ways to rock a LBD (little black dress), I've rocked this dress with sneakers and I loved it, so tried it with different other combinations and I can't decide which is my favorite look..

I love the comfy casual look of  the dress with sneakers, then I put the blazer on and I think I'm loving that more,can't decide.

Which of these looks are you guys feeling? I love all the looks but what do you expect. Lol.
Didn't get to take pictures of my outfit to the Zashadu event, but loved the nude look I went  with, and the open studio was nice, got to know more about the bags and met beautiful women, think I would be able to get pictures of my outfit to the fashion line launch 'versatile bay' hopefully I would do a post about it, it was so much fun also.

Next week Sunday 'Mode Store' is having an event at foreshore harbour osbourne 2 estate,Ikoyi. You guys would love their stuff trust me, I would also be posting the flyer of the event on my Instagram during the week, look forward to seeing as many of you that can make it there.


I'm sure by now you guys already know I have love for shoes, surprising I don't particularly love black shoes, but these ones I totally heart them, the whole dramatic look of the shoes and the fact that it's patent made me love it more.

You know I love to hear from you guys, leave a comment and tell me what you feel about the looks and which you would rock .... Love & Light . Xx

Outfit Details ~
Dress~ Topshop
Blazer ~ H & M
Sneaker ~ Nike 
Shoes ~ Sophia Webster
Bag ~ Fendi
Sunglasses ~ Rayban 
Accessories ~ Fendi/ Saintlaurent 
Hair ~ Hikkys hair.


  1. Love both too but have to go with the sneaker look. Unique

  2. Lovely!! I love d 2 looks from casual to formal outing but absolutely prefer d sneaker look, very different and comfy.

  3. Anonymous12/11/2015

    Derin !!! Well done fam. I love this . Xx well done

  4. Nice blazer and sunglasses :)
    Maria V.


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