Pant Set 2 ways

I have had such a busy week that I wasn't almost going to do a post this week, anyways here I am. I made this outfit from a fabric i bought on a trip last year, and to think I forgot I had it, I wore the full ensemble on my post earlier in the week on so I decided to show you guys other ways to rock the outfit, wore the pants with a totally different top and I'm stuck with deciding which look I'm inlove with.

I would put up a picture of the full outfit and the other way to rock it and you guys tell me the one you prefer. I see myself rocking the full outfit to work or a more formal event and the pants and a white top to a more laid back and casual event

The fit of the pant set is so perfect, one would think it was sewn on me, but then again it's not the outfit it's the person wearing it. Lol. 

This weekend is going to be so busy for me, I have a fashion line launch on Saturday and I'm also hosting a 'Open House Studio' for Zashadu on Sunday, yup the bag designer I'm so inlove with, I'm looking forward to seeing new designs and mingling with other Zashadu ladies like myself, oh did I mention there's a discount of 10% off non sale pieces for anyone who comes as my guest and shops, so if you are free on Sunday you better stack up your wallets and come over, I would attach an e-invite of the event so you can all get the full details, look forward to seeing and meeting all of you.

I would definitely be posting about the outfits i would be wearing to both events this weekend, hope you guys have an amazing weekend and don't forget to tell me which outfit you love more in the comments.

Love & Light. Derin. Xx 

Outfit Details ~
Pant set ~ Tailored to fit
White Shirt ~ Asos
Shoes ~ Christian Louboutin 
Bag ~ Fendi 2jours
Accessories ~ Fendi/ Saintlaurent 
sunglasses ~ Rayban
Hair ~ Hikkys Hair
Photography ~ Tunde Mason


  1. I love d 2 ways u rocked the outfit,I can't choose. Well done darling

  2. Well put together. Great Outfit


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