Night Out At ReLe


This post is definitely long over due, two weekends ago I was at the ReLe gallery for the 'young contemporaries 2016', it was such a nice relaxing event, got to see so many talented artists from Dipo Doherty, Eloghosa Osunde, Logor of Africa and many more. 

I was so amazed at their individual talent and all their work, the amazing team at ReLe put up such a good show, I almost didn't make it there and ofcourse I was one of the last to leave, Infact I closed the gallery with them. Lol.

This are the few pictures I was able to get of myself from the event, having a good,great banter with old friends and a few new acquaintances .

Definitely looking forward to more relaxed evenings like this, good conversations and amazing people.

P.S .. Hope you guys have me on your snapchat: itsderinola

Have an amazing weekend guys. Love X light 

Outfit Details~ 

Sweat top ~ Kenzo
Denim ~ True Religion
Bag ~ Zashadu 
Shoes ~ Sophiawebster 

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