I know it's been awhile I did a post, working on how to properly multitask,  I've just been so busy and occupied but no excuse would definitely get into 'Formation'. Lol.

This was definitely not a shoot outfit, I'm sure you can tell with the relaxed look, I was heading out to have drinks with my friends and also stop by 'smigz mobile bar' tasting contest that I won through Instagram but I know I won't win the final round cause we are family, Hiss. 

So when I was dressed I was like 'why not just shoot', I might as well and I kept telling myself 'not everyday put together, sometimes relaxed and playful'.
I am so into high waist denim right now, and it's so annoying that I've been trying to get my hands on a new pair but in straight cut but with no luck, anyone know where I can get some really nice ones? do let me know.

How cute is my pink shirt? My amazing cousin gifted it to me, I'm so inlove with it, so incase you see me rocking it more than 10 times, il hide behind ' I want my cousin close to my heart so I wear it all the time,Lol.

Funny how I'm so inlove with this shoot, everything was popping, my face, my hair, errythang. Lol.
Also, how are you guys celebrating Valentine's Day? Hope not in bed like me, well except if Cupid gon make it  happen before then, hope you guys have a great weekend/ Valentine's Day, speaking of Valentine's I should do a post/ outfit for Valentine's Day.

I am always on my phone, such a bad habit.

Hope you guys are on my snap chat as well: itsderinola 

Love & Light.. Xx

Outfit Details ~ 
Shirt ~ Vivienne Westwood 
Jeans ~ Asos
Accessories ~ Fendi/ Saintlaurent 
Bag ~ Zashadu 
Slippers ~ Hermes
Hair ~ Hikkys hair

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