Summer Ready In Floral Set

I cant believe it would be a year I've been blogging in a few months, I'm so excited with how far I've come and what's still in stock for me, to be honest I didn't think I was going to make it cause I didn't know what I was doing when I started but here I am months after, enjoying every moment of it.

I have a few tricks up my sleeves to celebrate with some of my favorite brands but let's wait till then (wink wink). It's amazing how Innovative and creative we are, just last week one of our Dj's broke a Guinness world record which is such an amazing accomplishment I don't even know him personally but I'm too excited for him and for also putting us on the map, yet again after Kaffi and her dancing for days. 

Moving on to fashion, this set is so gorgeous I actually dont think pictures do it justice, perfect for the summer period when you just want to feel so ladylike and bright, the mix of colors, the fit, how it sits and rests right on my ankle, all those skinny girl details are what make up an amazing outfit for me.

I particularly love the deep 'U' cut of the back of the peplum, here for the tease of everything infront being covered up till you see the back, I know it feels like I keep saying I've never worn most of my outfits but I really haven't, I just keep buying with nowhere to wear them to but thankfully lately I've been going out more than usual so I should catch up on all my 'never worn outfits'...

Ofcourse my favorite mini bag had to come out to accessorize and coincidentally it totally goes with the outfit. Nude shoes because nude goes with everything . Love from Isaleeko

Outfit Details ~

Floral Set ~ Rouge Vallerie 
Bag ~ Zashadu 
Shoes ~ Christianlouboutin 
Hair ~ Hikkyshair 

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  1. lovely... its a real pretty outfit.. perfect !!!


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