Switching Up From Day To Night

How have we all been? Hope we all had a relaxing weekend like I did, well asides that I went out on Sunday to support Moashy on his studio launch which was such a success with a huge turn out of people who were so happy for him, nothing like being passionate about something and also being good at it. 

Today I'm styling or should I say dressing up a totally casj fit into an evening outfit, just  showing how you can switch it up real quick.. I'm so into hand painting right now, like they fascinate me, how a totally plain outfit can be changed into something totally different but you have to be certain with what exactly you want to hand paint being that it's permanent whether shoes, bags, dresses or jackets.
Think I started hand painting stuff late last year, starting with my white dress then my denim and the rest they say is history and all my hand paintings have been done by Mode.

I am not really into flats but I have a few I wear during the day, but I won't be going out and you would see me in flats most likely impossible. I choose these colorful espadrilles cause I love the colors and how it brightens up my whole look.

My waist though I can't get over how tiny they are, my waist size is 24 for those of you wondering,Lol. And I have always been this size, can't imagine being bigger than this, and I'm totally comfortable with it. 
So this is my day time look without the jacket as pictured above, then if I was heading out later at night il just switch it up by throwing on a denim jacket and wearing a pair of stilettos.

So what do you guys think about the switch up? Would you have worn it differently?

My brother was around and if you know me you know how totally cling to him and love him even though I'm about 10 years older than him, so I dragged him and made sure he took some pictures with me, made such a fuss but of course he was camera ready. Lol.

My prayers are with Miss Mayowa as she faces and struggles with cancer right now, I'm so touched by how many people have been able to help her either by donating or sending prayers to her, I pray God heals her totally and May He also be by our side in our own time of need. Her handle is @handsandfingersfoods for anybody who wants to find out more about how she is or how you can help in your own little way.



Outfit Details ~

Dress~ Zara
Denim Jacket ~ Zara
Hand painted by ~ @itsjustmode
Hair~ Hikkyshair 
Purse~ Zashadu
Espadrilles from ~ @itsjustmode also hand painted by them.

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