Geometric Giveaway

I had such a relaxing weekend, didn't get up to much and ofcourse the weekend went by so quickly. But if you know me you would know I'm always ready to dress up and take pictures..

My post today is mainly focusing on my giveaway coming up, I would be posting the items to be given out on my Instagram page  so I hope you guys follow me on Instagram at @derinfromisaleeko, I collaborated with a few people who made it all possible.

I feel it only makes sense for you to see and know exactly what's to be won (who am I kidding, was an excuse to dress and look pretty. LOL) and you guys know how ive been going on about Nigerian designers and how they have wowed me back to back, and it's always so fulfilling when they get your style without you even saying much.

This Gorgeous off shoulder dress is made in patterned-crepe fabric I love the colors against my skin tone and the way the fabric flows, a lucky lady is going to win this in her size  and I can bet she is going to look and feel fabulous.

I'm definitely going to be wearing this pretty soon feeling so chic.. Its very playful won't say who the designer is till its time for the giveaway.

I hope you guys love it as much as I do.. Xx



  1. Love the fabric and I love the way you styled this dress. Great pictures.
    My Style Look Book Series

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  3. I love it already. You look amazingly chic in it. It's a perfect style for bump conceal and so sexy fa to show off my smooth shoulder. Fingers crossed, looking forward.

  4. Thanks for sharing ,all of this geometric dress are looks so good and sexy.and here i share you another good site, i always shopping here,because both the price and quality are wonderful! maybe you should have a look.


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