Riding A Bike 101

It's  scary how the months are just running by, but ever so Thankful to be here today. As I've been saying in previous posts that my anniversary is right around the corner, and looking forward to doing my giveaways, it's crazy how when my friend first mentioned how I should be blogging I laughed it off, cause I'm like I honestly don't have the time, fast forward almost a year and I'm so glad I took my first set of pictures and put it out. I remember mentioning to my closest friend now brother 'Benzito' that Bisi (one of my friends) said I should start blogging expecting him to laugh it off but I was so surprised when he was like 'actually Derin why haven't you thought of that', and that was it and here I am loving and enjoying every moment well asides from the days I'm so stressed but I still have to get it together and get it done.(Cool story yeah? LOL)

So back to regular programming LOL, am I the only one who doesn't have an idea how to ride a bike or anything on two wheels well asides a bicycle, when I realized I had a neighbor who owned one ofcourse I had to feel familiar and make him my friend and use his bike for a shoot, (riding it was an epic fail by the way).

I put this outfit together to kind of feel like a biker chic, all that was missing was my leather jacket and ofcourse being able to actually ride the bike.Lol. My oversized white shirt was hand painted at the back by (Mode), ripped denim was a must for me and heels because who was I fooling I wasn't riding that bike anywhere.

Here I am trying to practice how to ride and had to switch up my heels for flip flops to make an attempt, wish I had pictures of when I actually fell off. Lol.

What do you think of this look? I'm definitely feeling it, let me know your thoughts?

Yours Truly,


Outfit Details ~

Shirt - Forever 21

Hand painted by - @itsjustmode

Denim ~ Zara

Shoes ~ Christianlouboutin 

Hair~ Hikkyshair 

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