Return From My Hiatus

Guess who's back from her almost one month 'Hiatus'?? ME . LOL. I've been itching to be back but needed to round up my anniversary giveaway week which was so awesome by the way.. I was so happy with how many people participated and how they got most of my personal questions right, it just showed me that people have been on this journey with me and giving back was definitely a great idea... Thank you so much to every single one of you that has read my posts, talked about my outfits, munched my outfits to re make (LOL) and those that have also insulted me and criticized me as well THANK YOU,you all make this journey worth while.

Moving on from being mushy, there are too many things about this outfit that I love, I love how I honestly didn't know it would come out this fab when I put it together, I wore it to the '24'event a few weeks back and I totally loved it, funny thing is I wore it because I couldn't think of anything to wear and honestly I just couldn't be bothered but here we are, after I was dressed and I looked in the mirror I had that (I did this) look on my face and of course I was feeling myself, when am I ever NOT feeling myself,haha.

From my short nails which is rare cause my nails grow really fast and I love them long to the polish to my hair Infact everything. Meanwhile please ignore my hair flying about, the wind had other plans for me. How cute is my purse though, although it can barely take anything in it but it's too cute.

Congratulations to everyone that won something from the week long giveaway, I still have a few things to giveaway I would probably just do giveaways from time to give out the rest.

Hope we all have an amazing week.. Love X Light. Xxx

Outfit Details ~

Top ~ Zara

Skirt ~ Tailored To Fit 

Shoes ~ Christianlouboutin 

Purse ~ Nastygal
Hair ~ Hikkyshair 

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