Oversized In Givenchy

Don't  you just love how fashion can be very versatile? For me fashion is all about expressing yourself and definitely being yourself, I've personally never really been a follower of trends, maybe it's cause I personally don't think they work for my size, I've always been able to literally just put anything together and still ROCK the hell out of the look, alot of people honestly don't have that not for lack of creativity but more of just following trends and they come out also looking fab so why stress trying to be creative yea?

That being said, I'm all for personal style, it's funny how one person might not relate to it but a couple of others would, be it 'the thrifty look', 'the oversized look' or whatever your style might actually be. For me it's either of two things either I look fab or I look homeless (LOL) there are no in-betweens, I don't look just 'OKAY', ..

If you know me you would know I'm not really into clingy outfits cause I don't think they do much for my body, or let's just say I don't feel comfortable in them, and the whole idea is to feel totally comfortable in everything you wear. So today on my post, right as I was going to shoot, I ran into my brother walking into the house and I literally took off his shirt before he could settle down and ran out with it cause I wanted to style it somehow.

So this is what I came up with, a lot of details on the shirt already so didn't feel the need to do anything over the top, decided on a choker which by the way was the first for me and I kinda liked it, might just be into it or NOT. LOL. Brought out my pvc hand painted Sophia Webster's cause it's been acquiring dust for over a year now under my stack of shoes and the rest is history.

What are your thoughts? Are you loving how I styled the shirt? What would you do different? By the way, I'm about trying new things as I keep saying so I tried a new hair style which I rocked to a friends wedding ive attach a picture so you guys tell me what you think ? Although everyone loves it but let's just say it hasn't won my heart totally. Safe to say I was totally feeling myself cause I don't even understand some of my facial expressions. Lol.

This is my new hairdo, what do you guys think ?


Outfit Details ~

Shirt - @givenchyofficial 

Jeans- @truereligion jeans 

Shoes - @sophiawebster

Hair - @hikkyshair

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