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Who else is excited that Lagos Fashion And Design Week is about a week away, as excited as I am I probably won't be able to attend from the first day but I'm definitely looking forward to the days I can make it, I can just imagine what the designers have in stock for us, it's always refreshing every year to see how much more we have grown in the fashion industry especially this year where they are connecting the dots and involving all the individuals that are linked in making up the food chain of fashion, from the fabric weaver to the garment manufacturer then the tailors who put the outfits together to the models who wear it and strut so elegantly to the retailers and so on, it's definitely going to be amazing.

Today, I'm wearing this agbada' piece I totally love from Sally Bawa, the color, the fit and especially the style just does it for me. It's really light on the body and has this easy breezy thing going on, the perfect outfit for 'I don't want to be over dressed but I'm definitely NOT' underdressed'. It's kind of like an unusual green, probably in the scheme of like 'teal', and you know a lot of times the color of an outfit makes it more 


I restyled it, and dressed it like a tunic by wearing only the top and mixing it with a pair ripped denim, meanwhile I must mention how these are my only PAIR of ripped denim so just in case you see me in them and then see me again in them and think they look different cause the outfit looks slamming, trust me they are the same pair I just know how to work them well LOL.

I am definitely still for the original set but I definitely would rock the second look, I would even rock the pants with a different top, what do you think ? Yay to all looks Or what? By the way, did I mention I still have no idea what looks to go with for LFDW but would definitely put something together and share after.

Have an amazing rest of the week guys. Xx


Outfit Details ~ 

Green set ~ Sally Bawa

Denim ~ Zara

Shoes ~ Calvin Klein 

Hair ~ Hikkyshair

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