Long OverDue Post In Honour Of Breast Cancer Awareness

I can't believe I didn't make it to Lagos Fashion And Design Week and GTB Fashion weekend at all.. And I was so excited thinking I would be able to attend if not everyday at least one or two days, oh well guess till next year. Saw pictures and of course was extremely impressed.

We all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so I put an outfit together in honour of it, unfortunately I wasn't able to post it in October but it's not too late, better late than never right? If you follow my style you would know I tend to wear a lot of aso-Oke mostly stolen from mothers stash LOL, very soon she won't have anything left at this rate, no apologies though, I think low key she kind of enjoys it aswell.

This fabric is really soft which makes it easy to put this style together, I love the shade of pink, very subtle and lush, also love the color against my skin tone. Particularly love the little details of the outfit like how the pants stop right at my ankles.

I decided on nude shoes because I wanted no attention taken away from the outfit and also they look good paired together Lol. I remember my new year resolution I wanted to try more Nigerian brands, to be honest if we hadn't had dollar issues and also being that the exchange rate is extremely ridiculous I probably wouldn't have stuck to it, but I'm proud to say this year I have ONLY shopped Nigerian which I am extremely proud of.

It's My birthday in abit strangely I'm not as excited as I usually would be, but let's see if the excitement would come right before. Have an amazing rest of the week guys. Xx


Outfit Details ~

Aso Oke Pant Set ~ @ayabaofficial

Shoes ~ @louboutinworld 

Hair ~ @hikkyshair 

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  1. I'm not a big fan of pink color, i dunno why i find it difficult to wear but i love seeing it on other people. This coord looks great, i like how you styled it.
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