One Outfit 2 ways

Exactly 5 days till Christmas, strangely I'm not in holiday mood yet but I can bet it would kick in by the weekend. Also hoping I get invited to a lot of Christmas and new year parties and also crash a lot. Lol. Get to meet new people, see old friends, mingle and really just put my feet up and have a good time with my friends, and I trust them to be ready to have fun.

You know it's amazing how changing just one detail in an outfit can change the whole look, like switching flats with heels or putting your hair in a bun and letting it down, it all gives you different looks. Decided to try it with this outfit I wore weeks ago to an event, all I did I was switch the top and it totally transformed the whole look.

I wish I had that one killer red dress or something to celebrate Christmas and do a post with but I don't, So I guess that won't be happening, but what would be happening is many other outfits that I hope can inspire a size 4 like me when they want to head out and have no clue on what to wear, which still happens to me from time to time..

Back to the outfit, so all I did was change the top and it became an outfit you can rock at night which the first top can still do, just that the first look was very versatile regarding places it could be worn to but this crop top I think works better for a night out, don't you think? 

Which of the looks do you prefer? And where would you rock them to? Let me know. Also don't forget to follow me on Instagram on @derinfromisaleeko and on snapchat on 'itsderinola' . Have an amazing Christmas guys, have fun, eat a lot and remember to be kind. Xx



Outfit Details :

Crop Top : @bersska 

Skirt : Tailored to fit

Shoes : @christianlouboubinworld

Hair : @hikkyshair 

Purse : @nastygal 

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  1. Killer outfits, both of them. Such fab looks. Love the day and night looks and your purple shoes are striking.

    Inez | My Small World


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