2 Piece Set

Who else is excited it's finally the end of the month, although it felt like we have been in January for about 3 months, before we know it we would begin to wonder where all the months are flying to..

This year I decided I wanted to start sourcing beautiful locations for my shoots, i got bored of the whole just the street with nothing really to it, so as much as I know it would be tasking going up and down to find where to shoot I have to, also my friends have been abusing me that with my outfits I could do with better/ decent locations, so I have to make them eat their insults, if you can suggest any nice places to shoot, restaurants, hotels, old buildings etc, please let me know I'm totally open to ideas, Lagos is so huge and amazing I'm totally looking forward to this..

I digress so this outfit I have had for I think over 4 years, what is amazing to  me the most isn't even the fact that I never wore it, it's that it still fits. Does that mean I didn't add any weight atall in 4 years? You know there are times I delude myself that I'm fatter cause I felt heavy but I guess it was either food or water fooling me LOL.

Totally love the print especially the fact that it's ankara, African print totally taking over right now, it's a two piece set which can be worn separately, I've never worn the set together but I styled the top with a different skirt (see here).

I can't decide on which look I prefer, I would go with the skirt look cause of the mixed print especially the details of how's its beaded, definitely one of my favorite skirts..

I love how dressy the outfit can be and also how versatile it can also be by styling it separately with different pieces.. which way would you rather style it? As the original two piece or with the skirt or something else?

Please let me know about locations to shoot if you know anywhere, Thank you..



Outfit Details ~

2 Piece ~ Rouge Vallerie 
Shoes ~ @christianlouboutin
Hair ~ @hikkyshair.

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