Greenery - Pantone Color Of The Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYSSSSSSS!!!! I guess it's time again for the new year speech and what not, dropping things in 2016 and what we want in 2017.. I have never really been a fan of all that, but I say my prayers and hope I'm a much better person than I was last year in love, friendship, work, general growth, etc, and of course more fabulous clothes and shoes than last year. Lol.

How was your Christmas / New Year Celebration? I'm sure you all had tons of food and fun just like I did, was abit down when the harmattan started but was back on my feet shortly after and continued with the holiday festivities.. I know last year I really wanted to try Nigerian brands which I did and loved every bit of, you would definitely be seeing me wear more Nigerian brands from now on as long as I can comfortably afford them considering the economic condition right now.

My first post of the year is in 'Green' it's only right as 'Pantone has named Greenery the color of the year', which is inspired by nature and influences and everything greenery. Funny thing is I had already picked out this outfit for my first post of the year before realizing, I guess great minds think alike yeah? Lol

We all know it's hard to accomplish every new year resolution cause of our endless list but as it's a tradition it's only right to still put one together. After setting life and the rest resolutions, style resolutions is next for we who love Fashion, so here goes :

Put Together A Go To Outfit - This is the outfit that I can run to when I'm being clueless and what not on what to wear and still come out looking fab, be it a pair of denim, a white shirt and heels or whatever I decide.

Try More Bold Colors And Take Risks - As much as I say to myself I don't really wear bold colors I think my blog would say different so I intend to take more fashion risks, dress different from the norm put BOLD colors together and hit the streets. Eg try to be more girlie with my outfits which I don't think I am.

Wear As Much Nigerian As I Can - So last year I really wanted to try wear more Nigerian which I did successfully but now I'm going to try to make sure that in every 3rd outfit you see of me there's a Nigerian Designer somewhere... I'm practically inlove with Nigerian Designers. Going to make sure I wear as much as I can by them. 

This was supposed to be a paragraph long but see me going off... Anyways I intend to look always stylish, step my accessories game up a notch ( exchange rate hindered my buying last year LOL) buy more beautiful clothes and have nowhere to put them LOL etc. And Wear only WHITE nail polish for the rest of the year.

Happy New Year Guyssss.. Have An Amazing And Very Stylish 2017. Xx 


Outfit Details ~

Top ~ Zara

Pants ~ Zara

Shoes ~ Sergio Rossi

Hair ~ Hikkyshair

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