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It's almost the end of the first month of the year, how are we feeling about the new year? The economic conditions? New year resolutions and all that? Are you in high spirits or just numb (which is understandable), I still cannot wrap my head around everything going on in the country now but I love Nigerians no matte what, our spirits are never dampened, we are always happy and looking forward to a better tomorrow, aren't we all? 

Thanks to the harmattan that keeps acting bi polar, I was able to bring out my bomber jacket again that I literally put a gun to my friends neck to buy me when she was out of the country and I remember her saying 'Derin why are you stressing me to buy this when Lagos is hot and you probably would never wear it', well today I prove her wrong cause I'm wearing it.

I decided to style my bomber jacket with pleats and an oversized white shirt, I just knew that was the look I was going for, metallic pleats and white are a perfect match, the bomber jacket had to spice it up.

Brought out my 'Sophia Websters' honestly because it's been too long I wore them and then secondly cause they match aswell. Lol. You know I was wondering on how everyone decides on the outfit for the day especially those like me who have no clue a day or even an hour before they put the outfit together. I literally always just pick the bottom first that's if it's not a dress and then I just know the other things to pick out.

Am I the only one who feels like if my nails aren't chipped and my hair is in place (which it is 150% of the time) you literally can wear anything (well you know what I mean by anything), although I won't even front sometimes I'm just not in the mood to dress up so I wear the first thing I see whether or not it makes sense.

What is your take on this look? Is my hair fly or is it fly? Lol. 



Outfit Details ~

Bomber Jacket ~ @zara

Shirt ~ @hm

Skirt ~ @asos

Shoes ~ @sophiawebster

Hair ~ @hikkyshair

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  1. I love the skirt! Who would have thought you owned black shoes?! ��


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