Oversizing It In Stripes

Hey guysssssss, how's it going?? This post was meant to go up last week, but here I am posting a week after, better late than never yeah?.. Now that I want to try new things and take more risks with my outfit I get so excited putting outfits together.

This outfit though I didn't really put together it was so coincidental, I had put together the outfits for my shoot and was stepping out in my 'pj bottoms' and my brothers shirt which was going to be over size for me but I just wanted to be comfortable while I changed during shoots, but when I looked in the mirror I was totally inlove with the whole look, my mum loved it more and she goes 'why don't you do a shoot with this look I love it', and here I am.

I am not really a fan of pumps with long pants or even dresses but since it wasn't a planned outfit didn't have shoes to go with the outfit so had to work with what I had, if I had my way would have done it bare foot but you know I had to wear heels, what's your take on the look with the pumps?

Loved the outfit so much that a few days after the shoot I rocked the same look without heels for a night out for drinks with my friends, one of my friends named it 'homeless fashion' look, but I was like whatever I love it..  

Did anyone notice anything different about my pictures? Let's see who pays attention to the details, let me know if do and what you notice ..
And my new bob look, here for it totally..  Guys don't forget to follow me on Instagram @derinfromisaleeko and on snapchat : @itsderinola  .. 

Have an amazing rest of the week guys. Xx


Outfit Details ~
Shirt - Brothers Closet ( Ralph Lauren)
Pj Pants - 
Shoes - Christian Louboutin
Hair - Hikkyshair 
Ring - Saint Laurent 

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