Shades Of Blue

I am sitting here eating beans and plantain and watching 'war room' as I put this post together on Valentine's Day, what did yo guys get up to for Valentine's Day? You know thinking back I don't remember when last I was in a relationship during Valentine's Day, but anyways it is what it is, I am happy, Blessed with Love from family and friends and extremely Thankful.

I have never really been the type to be hyped for Valentine's Day so please forgive me that I don't do Valentine's Day style post, but thinking about it, I should be able to give ideas of what I would wear if I was into it, so maybe next year I would put some more effort into it, I just try to be as me and as original as possible, I don't think even if I had a partner il get up to much on Valentine's so.....

Moving on, so I literally stole aso Oke from my mums closet as usual to make this off shoulder top that I swore I was going wear almost immediately, but 4/5 months after still haven't worn it so decided to style it for a post. I think they are all the same color then I look at another picture and they look different, but I love the mix.

Paired the top with deep blue denim and blue shoes, I was feeling alil blue actually a whole lot blue. Totally inlove with this look, my hair every single thing.. 

Since I am not for wearing red for Valentine's decided to do 'blue'. I hope you guys had a better Valentine's Day than I did.. The winner of the Valentine's Day giveaway for the spa session at 'orikigroup' is 'Segi on Instagram as @segsta'... I hope you have a great relaxing spa session..

Have an amazing rest of the week guys.. xxx


Outfit Details ~ 

Top~ Mummy's Closet 

Denim ~ Zara

Shoes ~ Gianvito Rossi

Purse ~ Zashadu 

Hair ~ Hikkyshair

Accessories ~ Saint Laurent 

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  1. Anonymous2/15/2017

    yaaaaaayyY! I won! I won!!


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