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Hey guys, how’s it going?  Guessing some of us followed the #amvca2017 this past weekend, I was just following up on fashion and what everyone was wearing, my best dressed of the  night  is definitely ‘Somkele Iyamah’, everything about her outfit was amazing, the fit, the right amount of leg action which wasn’t too much and was the right amount sexy, she wore that #andreaiyamah piece perfectly, Andrea and Somkele are sisters.

This weeks post, wearing an outfit I wore out during the Christmas holidays and totally love, this is me definitely coming out of my comfort zone because generally I’m not the type to show too much skin but it was Christmas and I really wanted to try something different, after all fashion is about taking risks.

The only thing different in how I styled it for the post and how I actually wore it are the shoes and my hair, my shoes were different and so was my hair, everything else is as it was. Except today shooting in Lagos where its always hot is so uncomfortable but making it work.

The lacey white bralette was a gift from my friend Ronke, I’m here for the texture and total look of it especially cause its white. To be honest I wasn’t sure how the total look was going to turn out, cause if you follow my blog you would know I do not try clothes on before I wear them even when I am shopping, I just look at it and know if it would fit, so same goes with putting looks together at home.

But of course when I was ready I totally loved the final look, switched up the shoes for the post cause I didn’t want the exact same look from how I wore it the first time, and my hair is more simple and not all over the place which allows the outfit to be the main focus. I didn’t forget about about my new ritual, listening to ‘WOW’ by ‘BRANDY’ as I put this together..



Outfit Details ~

Blazer ~ Mango
Bralette ~ Secret Possession
Shoes ~ GianvitoRossi
Denim ~ The vintageweare
Hair ~ Hikkyshair
Belt ~ Dolce & Gabbana
Ring ~ Saint Laurent

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