All Black Look

All black look because why not. Nigerian brands amaze me by each passing day, to be honest if we didn’t have the dollar issue which started last year and the crazy inflation of exchange rate, I doubt I would have even ventured this deep into ‘Buy Nigerian’ but I am so glad I did, its been an eye opener of the amount of talent right here.

This look is by the brand ‘TIFE’ which I helped her with last year in putting together, and so glad I got the opportunity to work with her on it, helped me see how much work goes into being a designer, and all the struggles they face while producing in Nigeria, i have been listening to  'J hus - Did you see'  on repeat lately so obviously its on repeat right now as i put this together.

I particularly like the feel of this fabric against my skin, and how soft it is which allows it to flow easy against the wind, totally love the details at the bottom of the pants, everything going on with the top and pants is a bit much for ‘Minimal Derin’ but remember trying to be a ‘Risk Taker’.

Totally love the look and how chic it looks, paired with my black Zashadu purse and black patent shoes, literally an all black look, they say black makes you slimmer, doubt i can any slimmer than I already am. Random thought- God has been so good to me this year, I am in awe of His love, Blesssings and Favor towards me, I cant stop smiling.

Outfit Details ~

Two Piece - Tife
Purse - Zashadu
Shoes - Gucci
Hair - Hikkyshair

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