Floral Two Piece

I find it amazing how sometimes i don't remember what i have in my closet so i tend not to wear a lot of things not because i don't want to but because i don't remember and when i stumble on some pieces that have been hiding somewhere, sometimes two years, and i try them on and they fit perfectly, i wonder if it is that i didn't add any weight at all.

 Anyways back to my style post, i am wearing this floral two piece i have owned for such a long time i don't even remember how long i have had it. And the funniest part is this is probably the third time i am actually wearing it.

 I love pieces that can be worn separately, it just gives you the ability to play around with styling your outfits, i haven't actually worn this pieces separately but knowing myself i would at some point and would definitely do a post about it.

Random thought - so i actually don't like braids  so i never do it, probably did it last over 3/4 years ago but i am seriously contemplating getting it done this week, don't know why to be honest but lets see if i go through with it, fingers crossed i would wake up tomorrow and still feel the same way i feel right now.

Have an amazing rest of the week guys...

Outfit Details~
 2 piece  - Tailored
Shoes - Calvin Klein
Hair - Hikkyshair

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